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Our Team

Dr Paul Hamor


Paul graduated from medicine 18 years ago and has been practicing as a Respiratory & Sleep Physician for over 10 years. He is a Staff Specialist at Prince of Wales Hospital, with appointments to St Lukes, Wolper and POW Private Hospitals.  


Previously the Director of Physician Training, he brings a passion for education to his clinical work, ensuring his patients are well informed on their medical diagnoses and options for management


Dr Emma Stumbles

Emma was a Pharmacist before transitioning to a career in medicine.  She brings a warm, affable approach to her work: deeply informed & educated practice mixed an infectious laugh.  


She is a VMO at St Vincents Hospital, and a Clinical Fellow at the Woolcock Institute, undertaking research in sleep and cognition as part of a Masters Degree



Dr Yasmeen Al-Hindawi


Yasmeen is a Staff Specialist at St Vincents Hospital, where she is the Head of Advanced Training in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine.

She is passionate about medical education, learning theory and philosophy of medicine, and brings a reflective approach to the care of her patients.


Respiratory Physiotherapists

Stephanie van Hilten and Cathy Mellor are highly specialised, dedicated respiratory physiotherapists, providing expert care to patients with chronic lung disease and ventilatory failure.


Screenshot 2023-08-13 at 1.48_edited.png
Screenshot 2023-08-13 at 1.48_edited.png

Clinical Psychologist - Rosemary Clancy

Rosemary Clancy_edited.png

Rosemary Clancy is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in sleep disorders, mood, anxiety and substance use disorders.  She is the director of


Rosemary excels in the management of insomnia, ciracdian sleep-wake disorders and prescription medication overuse.


Nik - Respiratory & Sleep Scientist

Nik has been working at Bondi Respiratory since 2020, providing detailed reports of patients lung capacity and function. 


He attained his Bachelor of Science degree through the University of Technology, Sydney, and completed his Honours Thesis through the Woolcock Institute for Medical Research in the Frequency Oscillation Technique for measuring small airway flow.


His post-honours research focusses on novel treatments for patients with obstructive sleep apnoea


The Practice Team



Sarah is our friendly on-site medical receptionist, meeting and greeting new patients and ensuring you are comfortable during your stay. 


She is also our resident DJ, ensuring a great mix of tunes in the waiting room.



Our Practice Manager is Shannyn, providing team support, billing enquiries and patient feedback.


She works offsite, based in Brisbane 



Matt is a technical wizard and problem solver, providing technical and administrative support to the practice.


He works remotely from Brisbane. 

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