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Sleep Studies

To better assess your sleeping problem, Dr Hamor may order a Sleep Study to assess the quality, depth and length of your sleep.

These can be done overnight either at home (more common) or in hospital.

At Home Sleep Studies

Dr Hamor will refer you to a centre specialising in home sleep studies.  They will contact you to arrange a suitable date.  You will attend in the afternoon and receive the equipment and some basic set up.  You will finish the set up at home.  Go to sleep in your normal bed, at your normal time. Return the equipment the next day.  Results are available about 3 weeks after your study is completed.

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In-Hospital Sleep Studies

If an in-lab study is required, Dr Hamor can refer you to either Prince of Wales Public Hospital (2-3 month waiting list) , or to St Luke's Hospital if you have private health insurance.  A sleep technician will set up of all equipment and support you overnight through the sleep study.  Compared to a home sleep study, in-hospital studies also have extra brain wave leads, infrared video and can the technician can replace any leads that dislodge during the study

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