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Preparing for your Consultation

    1. Book

To make a booking, call (02) 8072 4115, or send us an enquiry

Tip: If you are visiting for a respiratory problem, or have a history of respiratory problems (including ex-smokers, asthma or COPD) you will have lung function testing prior to seeing our doctors.  Please let our secretary know.

    2. Register

Complete the Patient Registration Form and send us a copy of your referral


    3. BreatheSleepWell Assessment

Complete this health questionnaire to ensure the most comprehensive assessment.

    4. Bring

Ensure you bring  the following to your appointment:

  • All current puffers, inhalers and spacers

  • Your nose sprays

  • Peak Flow Diaries or Sleep Diaries  (hyperlink to relevant diaries in the Patient info section)

  • List of previous X-rays and CT Scans, and where you had them done

  • Your CPAP machine and a CPAP download.

  • Please avoid using strong perfumes, colognes or scents, as some of our patients are very sensitive to fragrances. 

    5. Timing

For New Patients, allow up to 2 hours for your first visit to our clinic: Lung Function Test (45 minutes) and Consultation (60 minutes).  

For follow up appointments, allow 1 hour (Lung Function Test and Consultation 30minutes each)


We ensure that all patients are given the appropriate amount of time to adequately manage their condition.  As such, if we are running behind, your patience is appreciated.

All payments are due at the time of consultation. 

Lungs Sketch
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